Equipment for the production of geogrid

Equipment for the production of geogrid

cart-2_color We sell the current production of geogrid in the territory of the Russian Federation, the city of Moscow, equipment for the production of Italy in excellent condition, as a new one, carried out maintenance every year
If you are interested in our offer, we will be glad to see you at our factory and gladly show our equipment, now the equipment is working
For comparison, we presented the cost of new equipment and our equipment taking into account the market price for 2019-2020

world_color__office To get a quote on the delivery of equipment to your country, please write to us by mail, our specialists will provide the most loyal prices for transportation


Description and prices of equipment offered for sale:

document_color Productivity - 280 tn / m-ts, 120-130 000 m2 / m-ts during the work 24 hours a day and 26 working days a month.

1. Extrusion line made in Italy manufactured by Buazano, four motor, 2 screw extruder with screw diameter 158 mm, head width 2000 mm, working width 1800 mm, 2007 with melt pump, melt filter, modernized extrusion control system . Line performance up to 13-14 tons. per day. - 530 000 USD Our Price  (used 1 250 000, new 2 500 000 EUR, warehouse ITALY)

2. The machine for perforation, pr-v of Germany, fm MA "STEIN", with a possibility of perforation in a stream, with fur. drive allowing to beat without stopping the sheet over the entire width up to 15 tons per day. - 85 000 USD Our price   (new 145 000 EURO, warehouse Germany).

3. The machine for cutting in a stream into strips, produced in Germany, f-ma "STEIN" with an assembly table with a capacity of more than 15 tons. per day. - 85 000 USD Our Price (New  machine 150 000 EURO, warehouse Germany).

4. Ultrasonic welding station with 320 mm waveguides, manufactured in Germany, "SONOTRONIK"

(semi-automatic), 11 welding titanium heads. - 155 000 USD.Our price  (350,000 EUR, warehouse Germany, without automation).

5. Ultrasonic welding station with 220 mm waveguides, manufactured in Germany, "SONOTRONIK"

(semi-automatic), 11 welding titanium heads. - 105 000 USD (new 250 000 EUR, warehouse Germany, without automation)

Price main equipment in Russia,Moscow : $ 960,000


settings_color Auxiliary equipment

6. Saws 1 pc. for sawing welded blocks in a stream with roller tables. 

7. 1 packing table for laying on potdons

8. Certified quality control laboratory. 

9. Chiller-DAYKIN (cooling of circulating water) -1pcs. 

10. Screw compressor-2pcs.

11. Crushers for grinding plastic waste-2pcs. 

12.Press for pressing polyethylene, paper.-1pc.

13. Sharpening machine for sharpening knives of crushers.

14. Spare parts for ultrasonic welding - 11 titanium heads assembly (220mm), 2pcs generators 

15. Water piping, ventilation, pneumatic transport.

16. Transport tables on wheeled semi-finished tables.-3pcs.

17. Trays for finished products for loading into cars in blocks-3pcs. 

18. Spare parts of the extruder head-1800mm-1pcs., Calendars-2pcs. 

19. Various small things fasteners, spider, etc.

Auxiliary equipment in Russia,Moscow: $ 136,000


Main equipment in USD: 960 000 USD 

Auxiliary in USD: 136 000 USD

Contacts: +7 924 345 76 65 W/A






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